Technical assistance for operating existing or new networks

Name of the study Client Our mission
Setting-up and follow-up of 10 public transport urban networks.Transport Ministry, Algeria (sub contractor of Transurb-Technirail).Training and technical assistance 10 public transport urban networks: line design, operation, maintenance, marketing, business plan and financial follow-up, management. Technical software implementation and follow-up.
Technical assistance to beginning of service of a tramway in South America.Confidential.Expertise in maintenance organization, tests and commissioning.
Technical assistance to beginning of service of Kochi metro, India.Agence Française de Développement.Expertise in CMMS, management, track, rolling stock, maintenance.
Assistance to maintenance and operation of 15 public transport urban networks, China.Asian Development Bank.Expertise in maintenance, CMMS and clean buses. Expertise in scheduling and scheduling software.

Audit public transport operations.

Name of the study Client Our mission
Maintenance audit.Amiens Metropole (sub contractor of Alenium conseil).Audit of the maintenance service.
Audit and restructuration project of SOGATRA, Libreville urban network, Gabon.Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux, Gabon (sub contractor Transurb- Technirail)Audit and restructuring and investment plan. Expertise in maintenance, operation, marketing, line restructuring, management.
Audit of Montpellier urban transport network.Montpellier Métropole Méditerrannée.Full audit human resources, operation, maintenance, finance, offer, marketing. Improvement recommendations.
Maintenance Audit Ajaccio urban bus network.Communauté d’agglomération du pays Ajaccien.Analysis and recommendations following the observation of multiple degradations of vehicles.
Audit of Amiens public transport contract.Amiens métropole.Assessment of vehicle investment needs with regard to schedules and actual demand.

Expertise in public transport operation.

Name of the study Client Our mission
Assistance for the development of a public transport activity in Algeria.French public transport group.Proposals for the development of a public transport activity in Algeria. Identification of contacts and development opportunities.
Feasibility study of the Algiers ticketing system.Ministry of Transport Algeria, World Bank financing.Assessment of the ticketing choices of the different transport modes. Proposals for interoperability development.
Adaptation to the Japanese Context of European Public Transport Delegations.Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT).Detailed description of the actual stakes in a Public Transport Delegation process.
Interurban transport development in Georgia.Agence Française de Développement.Diagnosis, operating accounts modeling, improvement proposals.
Detailed design (operation part) Addis Abbeba BRT.Transports Ministry, Ethiopia (sub contractor Safège).Detailed design of the operation, maintenance, fleet, depot and information systems.
Pricing of the public transport network of St Petersburg Russia.Russia, sub contractor Setec.Analysis of pricing and current patronage, revenue projections in various scenarios and optimization proposals.

Procurement of public transport services.

Name of the study Client Our mission
Support for the renewal of the Toulouse public transport contract.TISSEO.Organization of working groups and assistance to inter-service coordination.
Assistance financial, technical and legal monitoring public transport contract.Communauté d’Agglomération Bassin d’Arcachon Sud.Contract implementation follow-up.
Assistance to renewal of the Montpellier urban transport contract.Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.Preparation of tender documents and analysis of offers received.