Technical assistance for operating existing or new networks.

Image du plan de métro de Tokyo

We aim at transferring know-how. We usually organise one to four weeks on site missions with our client’s staff on a regular pace, every month or every two months for instance. Our experts thus share concrete problems with the teams in charge, teach how to solve them in companionship, but also enable them to take all their responsibilities and to put what they learned into practice.

We also organise theoretical courses and specific training programs when required.

Public transport operation is not easy to be taught in schools. Our approach is based on sharing experience and best practices. It enables to get productivity gains through better operation management, to decrease investments through better maintenance and to increase revenues through adapted marketing.

In Equator, Ade Transport has assisted putting in service a new tramway line, in particular in the fields of trials, maintenance and operations.

In Algeria, Ade transport participated in the setting-up of 13 urban networks in 13 different cities. The Ministry of transport has purchased the vehicles and hired the staff including management. Ade transport has proposed the design of the lines, the companies’ organisation charts, the workshops’ master plans and organisation, planned operation and trained the drivers and the management.

Audit public transport operations.

As our experts are specialised in every technical field required for good public transport operation, we can easily identify the strongest points and the weaknesses of a public transport network.

This enables us assisting transport authorities in impulsing saving policies.

In Montpellier, we audited SEM TAM and prepared an improvement road map that we shared with the operator, in particular in the fields of operation, human resources and offer.

In Ajaccio, we audited the network’s maintenance and made recommendations for a better performance.

In Libreville, we audited the SOGATRA network and prepared a full investment and restructuration plan.

Expertise in public transport operation.

Our know-how can serve new approaches and the development of new services.

In Georgia, we studied for the French development Agency the perspectives and development scenarios of a renewed interurban transport offer.

In Japan, we studied for MLIT how to adapt the French public transport concessions model.

Procurement of public transport services.

Our field experience enables us to have a particular added value for the procurement of public transport services. We usually work in cooperation with the best law firms specialised in public procurement.